WIZO Success Stories

Hadas: From Failing to Florishing

Hadas who studies in the Police class at WIZO Nir HaEmek, was born in Ethiopia and her family resides in Rosh HaEin. Because of her accumulated educational deficiencies, no school in Rosh HaEin would admit her or give her a chance. Two and a half years ago she arrived at WIZO Nir HaEmek – shy, insecure and crying.

The strict framework and program of the Police class, the help and support of the educational staff and the dormitory staff, as well as Hadas' burning desire and determination for a better future paid off. At Tu Bishvat – the mid-year school reports were given out, Hadas obtained an average of over 80 and in four subjects she received grades of 100.

Hadas is happy and smiles a lot. All she needed was the right educational framework and a supporting, nurturing environment. To show her gratitude, she helps her classmates study and prepare for tests.
Her wonderful achievements mean that she will be able to obtain a full matriculation certificate and that Hadass will have a broader choice of where to serve in the IDF.

From a poor neighborhood in Jerusalem to an international competition in Belgium

For the past three years, the WIZO Haberer Center has operated a martial arts school (Tae Kwondo) under the excellent directorship of Oren Levi.

In March 2012, three of WIZO youth participated in a competition in Belgium. The competition, named ‘The Open Challenge Cup - Taekwondo’, took place in the town of Tongren. The competing youths are Tom Freeman, Aharon Rose and Yoni Goodkin. They have been training at the Haberer Youth Center for the past three years and this was their first international competition.

The participants were a source of pride to Israel, WIZO and the Haberer Community Center. Yonatan Gutkin, finished in first place in his competition, with three victories, and Tom Freeman, finished in third place.

WIZO Haberer came in at 11th place out of 68 teams that took part, 8th place in the boys competitions out of 68.

 Member of Israel's Parliament, VIce Prime Minister Shaoul Mofaz

Within the framework of the filming of a Channel 2 TV program called "People" - WIZO Nahalal graduate MK Shaul Mofaz - Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Knesset (former IDF Chief of Staff, was Defense Minister, and then Transport Minister in previous governments) paid a visit to WIZO Nahalal.

The visit took place on Valentine's Day and when asked if he was aware of the significance of the date he answered, "That’s why I chose to come here, the place I love best." MK Mofaz visited the cowshed, manually milked cows, went to the silo (granary) and continued to the big eucalyptus tree near the first dormitory he stayed in.

He concluded the visit by meeting with 11th and 12th grade students from the dormitories and spoke of the influence the youth village had on his life and wished them success.

MK Mofaz immigrated to Israel with his parents in 1957 from Persia and the family settled in Eilat. Education was very important to his parents and his father looked hard and long before sending MK Mofaz to WIZO Nahalal. Although it was very far away from Eilat, his father decided that it was the best facility to provide his son with the tools for success.

Shaul Mofaz arrived at WIZO Nahalal in 1962. Naturally as a young boy, he grew homesick and missed his parents and siblings, but due to the distance, couldn't travel home every week. Gradually, he settled in and began regarding WIZO Nahalal as his second home. Read More 

From WIZO to MTV

The sky’s the limit for WIZO Youth Village alumni Eden Harel – actress and TV hostess and one of the best known DJs on MTV from 1994-2000. Currently Eden hosts children’s shows and celebrity interviews on Israeli TV networks. “Without any doubt all that I have accomplished up until now is thanks to WIZO where I discovered and developed all of my hidden talents.”



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