Esther Chetrit

Esther Chetrit

It is with pride and newfound respect of being a WIZO woman that I write --I am returning from the Rebecca Sieff Wizo Center in Beit Ha-Kerem Jerusalem---and although it is not a US center-but of Great Britain- the imprint of our collective work is indelled in my brain. My children and I were greeted by Miriam Friedel, the representative of the tourist department, who gave us a rich and detailed history of WIZO and its relationship with the birth of the state of Israel--many facts that were so informative and enlightening. As she spoke to us with her bold yet alluring english accent her every word made us yearn for the next, as I gradually saw my usually typically blaze` American children's eyes perk up with every point of WIZO's role in the journey of forming our State.

We were then invited to tour the various child care classrooms-that were quite frankly run like a top-notch private school. The beautiful children beamed with their rosy cheeks as we entered and interacted with them. My children were enchanted with their friendliness and poise. Every classroom was serene and content-even the outdoor playground that was host to the children of battered women. The level of cleanliness hit the high-point when we visited the kitchen that had just finished serving lunch to 300 children --yet not a morsel of food was anywhere to be found and the devoted WIZO workers were busy away with their "spongias" mopping the already pristine floors. As we toured the test kitchen of the trade school -that trains otherwise "street kids" to learn a trade, the chef ran out with freshly picked apples and cold water to refresh us-we told him the kids looked like they enjoyed the lunch he prepared-where he answered that if he pleased the children-his job was done.

As we left reading the various plaques covering the walls of the center I caught my children looking at me a bit differently as if to say --now we understand and we are proud---as am I--to be a woman of WIZO.

Fortune Dushey

Fortune Dushey

Since joining the WIZO family a few years ago, I have been so proud,
grateful and inspired by all of you for your wisdom, determination,
loyalty, commitment and true friendship.

After returning from Israel, I can now feel more pride to be part of
the WIZO organization. Besides wanting to visit and spend time in Israel with all of you, I thought it was important to feel a connection to the charity itself. And after visiting the four of the WIZO centers I have gained a deeper understanding of the important work that WIZO does that prior to this trip was beyond my imagination.I am embarrassed to say I was quite ignorant about the social situation in Israel before this trip and for this I was very sad. However, to witness first hand the love given to the children and woman of Israel, and to see and feel the hope and beginnings of a better future for all was very touching to me.

I pray to g-d that with WIZO's help, many lives can continue to be
turned around for a brighter and sunnier future.

Thank you to all of you for your friendship and kindness always.



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