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Choosing where to give at this joyous and important milestone in your life is a big decision. By giving to WIZO, you will be helping Israelis, a beautiful way to honor your bar or bat mitzvah. Your mitzvah project will impact lives and improve the social welfare of people all over Israel. WIZO seeks to connect world Jewry, and promote the continued culture and security in Israel. By supporting any of our many projects, you will be making a difference for many lives, one at a time.

Some of our projects ensure safety and welfare for groups of people, ranging from babies to the elderly, while others help individuals in need. Please find a project to support that resonates with you.

Goals - Bar Mitzvah

 Help someone have their own B’nai Mitzvah
In WIZO Nir Haemek and WIZO Miami Beach Community Center, there are programs to help children in distressed situations be able to have a bar or bat mitzvah, providing lessons and a celebration. This is a way to help someone else have a special day like yours.


BM - Summer Camp

Sponsor a Summer Camp
During the long summer vacation, there is a concern that youth living in the dormitories during the school year will at home go unsupervised for a long period of time, and could be neglected by their families or create financial difficulties for them. Therefore, WIZO Nir Haemek provides summer camps for these children in three sessions of three weeks each. The summer vacation gives the students an opportunity to receive extra individual help and tutoring. There is also time to take enriching trips that during the school year is not possible. WIZO Nir Haemek summer activities benefit some 150 children each summer.

BM - Playground

Make Playgrounds Safer
All children should be able to safely play outside yet in some places, like Be’er-Sheba, S’derot, Kiryat-Gat and Ashdod, the daily threat of bombings are great, and parents and educators have fear every time their children play outside. This project builds bomb shelters under playgrounds so children and caretakers would always have access to safety. This is our emergency campaign.

BM - Music Dancing

Foster dance and music programs
Music and dance programs provide a healthy outlet to express oneself and have pride, and higher self-esteem. There are some WIZO centers that are still lacking these kinds of programs, even in their most basic form. Help to create a music program at a facility, or help a dance program continue to flourish.

BM Girls

Prepare Ethiopian children for school
Children and their parents from Ethiopia have had many struggles in Israel. Many of the parents do not speak Hebrew or feel comfortable in non-Ethiopian social contexts. They tend to work very hard at low-paying jobs and do not have the educational experiences necessary to help their children in their school subjects. For some students in this situation, school can seem somewhat burdensome and overwhelming because of their other responsibilities and lack of support. By providing them with tutoring and more one-on-one help, it helps students reach their potential in school and go on to higher academic success.

BM - Poland

Sponsor a trip to Poland
Every year, youths in grades 10 and 11 travel on a meaningful trip to Poland after participating in a learning program on the Holocaust to prepare them for this powerful experience. High school students throughout Israel participate in a yearly journey to Poland to learn about the Holocaust, march in "The March of the Living" and gain insights for a peaceful and secure future. Unlike youth in more privileged circumstances, students in the youth villages are unable to afford this educational experience. Help send at risk students from WIZO Youth Villages on this experience.


Support the OMETZ “Second Chance” program
The OMETZ approach begins by identifying student who are having academic problems in 7th and 8th grades, and could be potential dropouts. They are usually under-achievers who have repeatedly failed at school, have difficulty adjusting to new classes and assignments, and have low self- esteem. The program offers a range of academic enrichment and remedial education programs for youth who have fallen behind in their studies. Students in the Ometz program receive 2-3 hours of extra tutoring per week in small classes. Many not only reach the required levels of education but often acquire above average level grades and matriculation exam scores.

BM - WIZ Kids

Help the WIZ KIDS
WIZ KIDS gives a head start to young children from underprivileged backgrounds. The program utilizes a wide range of specially devised educational computer games which enable the child not only to learn at his or her own pace but to discover that learning is fun! A specially trained instructor comes to the facility for a total of 50 hours, 25 sessions of 2 hours each. During this time, the instructor works with children in groups of twos and threes, ensuring that they are receiving the instruction that they need and progressing accordingly. The teacher who is with the children on a daily basis is also given instruction as to proper use of these programs so that the educational games are in use throughout the year. These programs have a 100% success rate at improving children's skills. Read More...



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