WIZO has been blessed for years with the philanthropic gestures of several generations of supporters. This has enabled the organization to invest in the programs and activities that help the people of Israel.

By deciding to participate in planned giving you will be helping to secure the future of WIZO's work in Israel. Specifically, your kindness and generosity will benefit Israeli women and children for years to come.

All contributions are recieved with great appreciation.

Frequently asked questions

Endowment - Bequest

Bequests - One of the easiest ways to create your charitable legacy donation is through a bequest. Read More...

Endowment - Business

Business Interest - Gifts of stock in a closely held or family-owned business can benefit you and WIZO. Read More...

Endowment - Trust

Charitable Remainder or Lead Trust - A gift from a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust will let future generations know what was important to you. In addition, the trust may provide income for you or your family. Read More...

Endowment - Life Insurance

Life Insurance - You can contribute a larger amount to WIZO than you might otherwise have thought possible with a gift of a new or existing life insurance policy.You can name WIZO as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. If WIZO is named as owner and beneficiary of a current policy, and you continue to pay the yearly premiums, you can claim income tax deductions for those premiums.If your family does not need the proceeds of a fully paid-up insurance policy, consider choosing WIZO as the outright beneficiary. Read More...

Endowment - Personal Property

 Personal Property - Much of your tangible personal property, whether it be cherished artwork, jewelry or a collection, has maintained or appreciated in value over time. While meaningful to you they may not have the same sentiment to your children or heirs. If you leave this appreciated property to them, the value of that property is included in your taxable estate-whether or not they need or choose to sell it. Making a bequest of these assests can ensure that what you valued during your lifetime becomes a powerful gift that prevails for generations. Read More...

Endowment - Real State

 Real Estate - Contributing partial or whole ownership in real estate to WIZO can accomplish many personal and financial goals while allowing you to make a lasting impact on WIZO's work for generations to come. These gifts can be made on primary residences, vacation homes, or with a commerical or residental building. While each property is unique, there are a variety of options we can explore with you to make a substantial legacy gift that accomplishes many objectives simultaneously. Read More...

Endowment - Retirement

Retirement Plan - Federal and state income and estate taxes may reduce a significant portion, often more than a half, of the funds in your Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other retirement plans when those are left to a non-spouse. You, and your heirs, could benefit from designating WIZO as the beneficiary of these retirement funds, or a portion thereof, while you leave other assets to your heirs. Read More...

Endowment - Stocks

Stocks - One hundred percent of your stock market earnings can be used to help secure Israel's future. And, transferring appreciated stocks that have been held for a year or more also enables you to avoid paying the capital gains tax. Read More...




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