WIZO USA Supported Child Care Centers

Yavneh DCC

Bertha and Max Edelstein Citrin Multipurpose Day Care Center, Yavneh
Sponsored by WIZO Los Angeles and San Francisco
The Edelstein/Citrin Multipurpose Day Care Center is home to children from disadvantaged backgrounds who suffer from a delay in language development. The WIZO staff at Yavneh is taught to recognize children with these difficulties and help them advance their language skills.

DCC Entratter

Entratter Day Care Center, Kiryat Ono
Sponsored by WIZO New York
Kiryat Ono has grown significantly in recent years. The city now includes many immigrants from the former Soviet Union. This center provides needed support to the community.

DCC - Kiryat Ata

Fall River Day Care Center, Kiryat Ata
Sponsored by WIZO Long Island, NY & WIZO Atlanta
This center specializes in advancements in early childhood education and places a priority on promoting children’s maximum sensory motor skills at an early age. These new educational techniques have become an integral part of the early child development program at all of WIZO day care centers. This center has set the standard.


Hadassah Hospital Day Care Center at Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
Sponsored by WIZO USA
The WIZO Day Care Center at the Hadassah Hospital supports the employees of the hospital which accepts infants as young as three months old. This center allows parents to work at the hospital while their children are well taken care of at the center. During a national emergency, the center remains open for 24 hours to service the extraordinary needs of the hospital staff.

DCC - Mayerhoff

Meyerhof Day Care Center, Rehovot
Sponsored by WIZO Washington D.C.
New immigrants from Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union as well as neighborhood residents attend the Meyerhof Day Care Center. The socioeconomic status of the residents of Rehovot is very low due to the high proportion of single parent households, parents with disabilities and those dependent on government welfare services to support their families. WIZO provides subsidies for the majority of children that attend the Meyerhoff Day Care Center.

DCC - Ramat Hasharon

Philips Day Care Center, Ramat HaSharon
Sponsored by WIZO New York
Many of the parents whose children attend this center are employed as professionals by the government. This center enables both parents to have careers, a key to strengthening Israel’s workforce and economy.

DCC Pilavin

Pilavin Gates Day Care Center, Rishon Le'Zion
Sponsored by WIZO Florida
The Pilavin Gates Day Care Center services Israel’s fourth largest city. The city is a low income area with a high rate of unemployment. Rishon Le Zion is also home to a significant immigrant population from the former Soviet Union.

DCC - Ramat Shikma

Ramat Shikma Day Care Center, Ramat Gan
Sponsored by WIZO Los Angeles
Ramat Shikma Day Care Center is home to children who come from middle and low socioeconomic backgrounds with many from families in distress. Psychologists from WIZO’s Early Age Department assess the children’s development and work together with the day care director and classroom staff to create effective educational development programs.

DCC - Silverstein

  Silverstein Day Care Center, Rehovot
Sponsored by WIZO New Jersey and WIZO Houston
The Silverstein Day Care Center specializes in looking after children with chronic medical conditions and special learning needs. The overall goal of the center’s programming is to assist the children in overcoming or working with their disabilities, eventually being able to integrate into mainstream classes. Many of the children attending this day care center come from families who immigrated from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.



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